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SR9009 Stenabolic for Boosting Exercise Endurance

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    Product introduction

    Best SR9009 Peptides

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     CAS 1379686-30-2

    Molecular formular: C20H24ClN3O4S
    Molecular Weight: 437.94
    Appearance: White powder

    Model NO.: SR 9009

    Suitable for: Adult

    Purity: >99%

    Supply Ability: 1000kg/Month

    Storage: Keep in Dry


    What is Stenabolic (SR9009)? 

    SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand that can be taken orally. This is a very unique compound. By stimulating the Rev-Erb protein, SR9009 can greatly influence many regulatory mechanisms in the human body. For example, it can affect circadian rhythms, lipid and glucose metabolism, fat storage cells, and macrophages. Therefore, Stenabolic will allow users to reduce fat and increase endurance significantly, which is a very good result for athletes.


    How does SR9009 works? 

    The SR9009 binds to Rev- erba (one of the body’s natural molecules) which influences lipid and glucose metabolism in the liver, the creation of fat-storing cells and the reaction of macrophages (cells that eliminate dying or dead cells) during inflammation. 

    SR9009 affects the primary biological clock, which coordinates the rhythm of the body’s activity with the 24-hour phase of day and night.


    SR9009 Dosage 

    Dosages of 20-100mg a day have been reported by users without any negative side effects. From the information we have received, results from SR9009 treatment appear to be dose dependent up to a maximum dosage of 100mg per day. After this dosage, results tend to taper off. 

    The optimal dose range is 20 to 30 milligrams (mgs) daily. However, there is a drawback - because of the short half-life, you need to keep it in the body all day to achieve the best balance of active substances. Therefore, it is best to use steabolic every 2-4 hours, depending on the exact dose used. For example, when the daily dose is 30 mg, 10 mg is taken every 4 hours.

    SR9009 for Cutting

    The SR9009 is often referred to as "in-bottle motion," so it applies to any cutting cycle. If you want to chop and lean, improving endurance means that even if your calorie intake is low, you can still train longer. This, together with the natural fat loss characteristics of SR9009, means that it is easier to improve body fat percentage.

    In a cutting cycle, you may encounter tricky problems. However, SR9009 naturally produces muscle (even if it is not exercised), so even if you do not consume as much calories as possible and concentrate more on cardiovascular exercise, you will not overly inflate.

    SR9009 for Bulkin 

    Although this drug is very suitable for cutting, SR9009 is also very useful for puffing.

    Although SR9009 encourages the accumulation of lean muscle mass, it also improves body endurance. Research shows that rats can run 50% faster and faster, and their physical strength increases dramatically. Being able to work longer means that you can train harder, which in turn helps build better quality muscles and pure quality.


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    SARMS dosage and usage:
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    RAD-140: 20-30 milligrams (mg) per day
    SR-9009: 20-30mg per day.

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