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andarine S4 GTX-007 Treatment for Muscle Wasting

Whatsapp:+8618123940985 Skype:shucanlynn Product introduction Best S4 Andarine Peptides Sample:Available Price: Negotiable Customized blend :Available Standard: SGS,ISO9001,KOSHER Product name: Andarine WhatsApp: +8618123940985 Alias GTX-007 CAS 401900-40-1 MF C19H18F3N3O6...

  • Features & Specification

    Product introduction

    Best S4 Andarine Peptides

    Whatsapp:+86 18123940985



    Price: Negotiable

    Customized blend :Available

    Standard: SGS,ISO9001,KOSHER


    Product name: Andarine

    WhatsApp: +8618123940985

    Alias       GTX-007

    CAS       401900-40-1

    MF  C19H18F3N3O6

    MW 441.36

    Product Categories:APIs, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, SARMS, Inhibitors

    Density  1.47

    Storage temp.      Refrigerator

    Appearance  White Powders

    Purity     99%

    Usage    It is a potent and tissue-selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM).


    What is Andadin? 

    S4 (Andadin) or Acetamidoxolutamide, is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). S4 is said to be the most effective SARM, which helps maintain muscle mass while stimulating fat elimination. 

    S4 is a form of SARM that is identical to the androgen receptor (AR) and is identical to conventional androgens, with the only change being S4 production of selective anabolic activity. S4 is a SARM that has the greatest androgen effect because it is approximately 33% of the testosterone strength when attached to the AR.


    Andadin half-life is 4 hours

    Andarine Dosing

    Andarine Recommended dose for cutting is 50 mg for 6-8 weeks. You should use it every day then take 2 days off for the duration. Taking S4 daily for the length of the cycle can lead to changes in eyesight.


    Andarine Bulking

    1. For those who are trying to build muscle, S4 is not the best option, despite the fact that it is a very popular form of SARMS. Andain can easily pack muscle tissue gains with sufficient exercise and extra calories; however, there will not be any rapid growth, which is usually noticed during the expansion cycle, and it is used alone. 

    2. However, when S4 is contained in a puff laminate, it may be very beneficial because it will improve the effect of various other puffing drugs while also reducing swelling and enhancing lean body mass.


    The Benefits of S4 over Steroids

    Gives a compact and ripped look of the muscle while tightening the epidermis
    Stimulates fat elimination
    No estrogen conversion
    Full PCT (post cycle therapy) is not required
    No need to take time off for a long time in between cycles
    Promotes a total sense of well-being


    Uses of Andarine 

    For Cutting (best use of S4)     ·

    For Recomping    ·

    For Lean Muscle and Strength Gains (sans bloating)



    1.   SARMS causes anabolic activity by acting in conjunction with AR. Due to this tightening and stimulation, more protein is produced allowing muscle building. S4 can trigger muscle development in a hormone-like manner, but minus the same unwanted side effects that have side effects on the prostate and other sexual organs. 

    2.   How it is used depends on the effect you are looking for. The fat elimination or cutting of S4 Andaling is the most effective use. 

    3.   The correct dose. The recommended cutting dose is 50 mg for 6-8 weeks. You should use it every day and then take a rest for 2 days during this period. Taking S4 daily for the duration of the cycle can lead to changes in vision.



    Test Item

    Analysis Specification



    crystalline powder


    Melting range



    Loss on drying


    0.20 %

    Specific rotation

    -58°~-62°(C=1,in CH3OH)


    Sulphated ash


    0.08 %

    Heavy metals












    Residual solvent

    Methanol ≤0.2%
      Isopropanol ≤0.2%
      Ethyl acetate≤0.2%
      Chloroform ≤0.2%


    Related substances

    Single impurity ≤0.2%
      Total impurities ≤0.5%






    Accordance with the reference


    How to use S4 safely?

    In order to negate any side effects, S-4 should be administered at 50 mg twice in five days off. If you are above 50 mg, if you get good S4, you will lose some night vision. The half-life of S-4 is very short, 2.6 hours, so training twice a week for 2 hours before training should produce excellent strength and hardening effects, so it is best to use as a pulse. Both protocols will reduce yellow eye and night vision problems. Keep in mind that PCT (post-cycle therapy) should always be performed after using S4. 

    If you want faster results, the recommended cutting dose is 50 mg for 6-8 weeks. It should be used daily and then rest for 2 days during this period. Daily administration of S-4 over the length of the cycle can lead to significant visual changes. 

    Taking 20 mg daily for 6 days, 1 day each time, for 6-10 weeks, not only can reduce body fat, but also can be used with other compounds I have seen, reducing estrogen - letrozole (estrogen ). The use of 0.5 mg of letrozole per week with S4 showed great promise for reducing steroid-induced male breast development (estrogen).



    1. 1/3 as androgenic as testosterone in muscle tissue
    2. Anabolic at doses above 50mg
    3. Great for strength
    4. Great for muscle hardness
    5. Great for enhanced vascularity
    6. Great for endurance (aerobic or anaerobic)
    7. Accelerated fat loss above 50mg
    8. Joint healing effects


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