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Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide GHRP-2 10mg

GHRP-2, like its brother GHRP-6, is a hexapeptide that is a pure growth hormone secretagogue. In addition, GHRP-2 is a synthetic agonist of ghrelin. however, some users will notice slight increases in hunger. Somewhere in between GHRP-6 and iPamorelin , this hexapeptide has the ability to be a...

  • Features & Specification

    GHRP-2 is a hexapeptide that is a pure growth hormone secretagogue. as well as it is a synthetic agonist of ghrelin.  


    Dosage started 2-3 times a day at around 100mcg-300mcg per injection.


    enhance endurance

    Make the heart strong

    Decrease fat via lipolysis

    Inhibit the uptake of glucose

    Help to maintain the function of the pancreas

    Stimulate the process of glucogenesis by the liver

    strengthen the immune system

    Boost production of IGF-1 

    Speed up the wound healing 

    Improve sex desire and drive 

    Peptide Storage

    Storage Of Lyophilised Peptides

    Peptides arrive in lyophilised powder form. Short-term temperature change during shipping should not affect the product quality and efficacy, so, please don't worry.  

    Peptides in lyophilised form can keep at room temperature for several weeks. 

    The best is to store the lyophilised peptides in freezer at temperature –20 °C, and you can keep for years. 

    Storage Of Reconstituted Peptides

    Reconstitution is the process of adding sterile water before injection. The shelf-life is very limited. 

    We recommend storing the reconstituted peptides in refrigerator at temperature 2-8 °C, and it can keep for about 2 weeks. At storage temperature -20 °C, peptides in solution can be stable for 3 months. 

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    Steroids series (steroid raw powder, semi-finished steroids oil, oral&inject, blend steroids)

    Lyophilized peptide

    Sarms Raw Powder

    Steroids solvents (BB, BA, EO, GSO..)

    Lab Equipment(filter, tablet machine, capping tool, filler machine...)

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